Rose: Our Mentee!



All of us at MSMT Costumes are thrilled with this new opportunity! Over the next few months, we will be working with Rose Horowitz as mentors on her Capstone Project. Rose is a senior at a local high school, already an accomplished self-taught seamstress, is bringing her favorite two-dimensional characters to life. She comes to MSMT Costumes looking to improve and expand her technical


Sakizou - Maschera Noirsewing skills and for guidance building a very intricate costume based off the work of artist Sakizou’s Maschera Noir (pictured left.)








Rose was at MSMT Costumes last week working on sewing samples and techniques so that we can assess her skill level and she can pick up a few new sewing pointers.

Here is her hand sewing sampler! If only all of us could show such perfection the first time around! We are looking forward to not only sharing our know-how with Rose, but learning a lot from her in the process.



So far Rose has come to MSMT Costumes to work on her senior capstone project about 7 times.  She can set in a zipper like a pro! She is also coveting our sergers now that she’s spent some time practicing with them. But Rose is well past that now. She’s been working on altering the commercial pattern she bought to her correct size and tweaking it so the pattern pieces more closely resemble her inspiration.

To begin, she was given the assignment of dissecting the artist’s rendering into individual pieces for construction. By doing this, she could then modify her pattern pieces from the Simplicity “Elizabethan” pattern more easily because she could picture what she needed each pattern piece to ultimately look like and do.


She transferred her pattern changes to brown craft paper and began cutting out a “mock up” of the pattern out of muslin. She brought in one of her petticoats to see the dress start to take shape. Look at those puffed sleeves!


The mock up helps her see what pattern pieces may still need adjustment. She has spent the day assembling the overskirt which has many pleats and gathers.

Below is a photo of Rose and Rentals Coordinator, Travis Grant, laughing that I’m taking too many photos.




Rose was interviewed by Carla Sullwold with Broadway World on Wednesday 1/6/16. Please read this wonderful article about Rose’s life, talents and project! Click Here!


Continue to follow us on our journey with Rose over the next few months!

Amy Mussman
Rentals Manager

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