Pricing & Fees

Every rental package is subject to certain fees. Our Costume Show Package rental fees range from $1,000 to $15,000. Rental fees are based on an average two-week production run and the size of the costume package.  We do not rent partial costume packages. We take into consideration the limits of our customer’s budgets and can’t guarantee that we’ll meet your budgetary needs, but we try to work out a final rental fee that is mutually beneficial, so don’t hesitate to contact us about your needs.

Refundable Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit is required for all rentals. We refund the security deposit in full within 60 business days after we receive the package back as long as the package is returned to us in full with no issues, otherwise the security deposit is used to cover extra fees that may need to be charged such as: clothes that are not returned clean, items missing from the rental, unrestored alterations, damaged items, late fees, or shipping costs incurred by MSMT Costumes.  The remainder of the security deposit will be refunded within 60 business days of the costumes return to us.

Cleaning and Shipping

Customers are responsible for cleaning the costumes and the costs associated with dry cleaning. Our inventories include a cleaning guide as to what needs to be hand washed, machine washed, dry cleaned or nothing done.  Customers are also responsible for the costs associated with shipping the costumes to and from their organization, including any handling fees.

Rush Fees

Any order received less than 5 weeks prior to opening night will incur a rush fee of 30% of the base package price.


We take checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We do not take Purchase Orders.  The security deposit must be paid at the time the rental agreement is signed.  The full rental fee payment is due at least 7 days before the costumes are scheduled to be shipped.

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