Thank you to our community for being incredible supportive of Maine State Music Theatre, especially to our local and state-wide community of Maine.

We wish we could visit all the schools that have asked us to teach and share what we do at MSMT Costumes and for Maine State Music Theatre, however we have to keep our focus on costuming… But we’ll accommodate as best we can!

Want your school to visit MSMT Costumes and learn about the art of costume design?

We are offering two slots in the school year for teachers to book a field trip to come visit us at MSMT Costumes in Brunswick, ME.  Take a tour of our costume stock, have a chat about what our theatre does and who we are at MSMT Costumes, and participate in creative costuming activities. The first slot is late September/early October for one 4 hour block. The second slot available for late February/early March for one 4 hour block.

Are you a Maine high school student looking to satisfy credits for your senior project or career exploration program?

We’ve been in such high demand to host high school students who need practical experience in their field of interest for high school credit and we wish we could allow all of you to come work and play!  What we will do is work with one student for the school’s required time block each year in the spring and do our best to make it a fulfilling experience!

Volunteering at MSMT Costumes

We love working with new people.  We are always looking for folks who like to work with clothes and have at least a general interest in fashion history and can volunteer consistently. Volunteers restock costumes, do minor sewing repairs, help us check costume package inventories and other various projects dependent on skill.  All volunteers must be at least 18 years old and be willing to sign an Indemnity and Release Agreement. 

Please contact the Rentals Manager, Amy Mussman for more information: 207-208-8950 | rentals@msmt.org