Costume Care and Alterations

We’re here for you. We want you to get your money’s worth and get your money back. Below is an example of the few things we ask of you while the costumes are in your care.

To Start:

Upon receipt, unpack and inventory all costumes using MSMT’s Schedule A Inventory Sheet. We’ll email the inventory to the contact person and we’ll include a hard copy of the inventory in a package in Box 1.

We suggest that a copy of the inventory and costume care guide from the rental agreement be given to your costume team to insure that all items and guidelines are followed regarding the care of the costumes.

When unpacking the costumes, take note of how the boxes were packed. This will make it easier for you to repack them before shipping them back.

All claims of shipping damage or packing discrepancies must be made in writing within 96 hours of receipt of the costumes. If anything is missing from the inventory, we’ll send a replacement right away. If there are any repairs we missing before shipping out the costumes, let us know right away.  We don’t want to mistakenly charge you for discrepancies that were not your doing.


We encourage you to alter the costumes to make them fit your actors in the best way possible.

Safety pins, hand sewn tacks and machine stitching are acceptable forms of alterations. All altered costumes must be restored to their original state before return. All restored alterations must be sewn.

Please do not permanently alter the costumes by cutting, dyeing, and distressing the fabric. You may not apply any glue, tape or any other adhesives to any component of any costume for any reason at any time. If costumes are not returned in the condition they left MSMT Costumes, or better, the customer may be charged damage or replacement value fees.

Original MSMT labels are not to be removed from the costume pieces.  Please remove your own labels prior to returning costumes.

Care During the Run

Please do not allow the actors to eat, drink (anything but water), and smoke in MSMT costumes. Any food or drink stain on or evidence of smoking in the costume will be considered permanent damage.

The costumes are to be used in a reasonable and customary manner. Please store and hang costumes properly using the appropriate hanger.

Under no circumstances are knee slides allowed in any costume, because knee slides permanently damage costumes.

Please use dress shields where applicable (i.e. ladies’ dresses, men’s jackets). Undershirts, tights, and other undergarments need to be worn to protect the costume garments.

MSMT prefers that performers use deodorant rather than antiperspirant. (Antiperspirant contains aluminum chloride which stains and eats away at the fabrics of the costumes.) Any corrosion will be determined permanent damage and the customer will be charged for full replacement value of the costume.

Please do not allow the use of perfumes, body sprays, colognes, fragrant detergents, or fragrance sprays (like Febreeze, etc.) on the costumes.  Use of such items will result in damage fees.

Preparing to Return the Costumes

The customers are responsible for making sure all costumes are cleaned (washed or dry cleaned) before returning them to us. Each inventory provides a key as to how pieces should be laundered. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Restore all alterations to the costumes original look and size. Remove safety pins and any of your labels or name tags. Repair any damage caused during your run.

We ask that the costumes be boxed up in order of the inventory we provide and the costumes are covered in dry cleaning bags.

If accessories are supplied in bags, please return the accessories in their appropriately labeled bags.

Please make sure all costumes are thoroughly dry before boxing them up.

Please tape the shipping boxes well. Ship all boxes to MSMT Costumes, 14 Maine Street, Suite 216, Brunswick, ME 04011

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